5 Reasons for Taking Part in BEST Ankara’s Summer Course

  • The opportunity to have a course from METU Professors

This summer, to have a 11-day-long course on “Technology for Social Goods” from well known METU professors is only in Marmaris, Turkey!


  • Sun, sea and beaches

An amazing blue view of Marmaris Sea, where Aegean meets Mediterranean will be all yours at Marmaris Castle!

  • An amazing time with fun people

The members of BEST Ankara will make sure that you will have the utmost pleasure of meeting Turkish hospitality and make life lasting friendships!


  • A great chance to meet new cultures and people

While having horizon broadening lectures with students from 35 European countries, you will be able to meet new cultures, especially the Turkish one!


  • Full variety of interesting activities

With different fun activities of BEST Ankara, you will discover the magnificent natural beauty of Marmaris.

If you want to be a part of this amazing experience, then click here and apply! For more information about BEST Events: https://best.eu.org/courses