BEST, Board of European Students of Technology is a non-profit and non-political international student organization in prestigious universities in Europe. Since 1989, it has provided communication, solidarity and complementary education opportunities to students from all over Europe.

With 96 Local BEST Groups from 33 different countries, BEST is a large student network of organized, dynamic and open-minded young people.

The aim of BEST is to enable European technology students to reach more international standards and to improve their capacity to work on international platforms by better understanding European cultures. For this purpose, BEST creates opportunities for students from different countries to meet and work together through activities such as academic events, educational symposia and engineering competitions. It also provides career support to students through international career support and career days.

BEST’s top priority is to provide high quality services to students from all over Europe. In doing so, it brings together the trio lü student – university – company bir called the BEST triangle in all of its activities.

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