Event on Education

Event on Education (EoE) is an academic activity by BEST, where engineering students express their opinions, discuss and present their knowledge on pre-determined topics in the field of education and related fields. The academic training event has been organized for the last 25 years by the BEST and BEST Education Committee (EduCo) to bring together students, academics and company officials in various European cities.

As part of this event, local professors as well as academicians from different parts of Europe and experts from the field will meet in Ankara and share their knowledge with the students. 25 students across Europe are selected according to their academic and social competencies and will participate in the sessions under the title of iler Effective Teaching and Learning + Class and Course Organization iler and share their opinions and suggestions with academicians and company officials. It will be communicated to the higher education institutions of Europe, primarily EEE.

Thus, it is aimed to ensure that the ideas and suggestions of the students, who are the real interlocutors of this system on the European education system, are conveyed to the formers of the system and taken into consideration.